Ellen Copper


Ellen Copper was born Ellen Feye, the daughter of a family of magicians. Ellen’s grandfather immigrated to Riverbrook Falls with his family, where he opened Curious & Curiouser, a family-run antique shop that’s still run by Ellen today. The magic performed by the Feyes was benign (the family having learned several generations ago that performing curses and such tended to leave one with a lot of enemies), mostly protection charms and seances.

However, Ellen was soon implicated in a homicide case, where the murder weapon was identified to be magical in nature (and a product from her store as well). She would have been locked in jail for several years at best, if one of the detectives on the case, one James Copper, hadn’t continued digging and eventually found evidence that exonerated her (as it turned out, the culprit had been a former employee of Curious and Curiouser). The two started dating after the case concluded, and were married a few years later.


Ellen Copper

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