Setting Rules

Setting Rules

GUTS: Because the game is horror-inspired, fear checks will run on the separate Guts skill, which is based off of Spirit, instead of Spirit itself. People untrained in Guts roll d4-2 when seeing something gruesome or terrifying, which is often.

GRITTY DAMAGE: All wounds to all Wild Cards, ally and enemy, result in rolls in the Injury Table. These injuries are temporary and last until the wound is healed. Wounds caused by two Shaken results do not result in injuries, and getting more than one wound per hit still results in one roll on the table. This setting rule is experimental and will be removed if it’s not as hilarious as it looks. Speaking of hilarious…

CRITICAL FAILURES: Guess who’s bAaAaAaAaAack????

SLEUTH POINTS AND MONSTER POINTS: The players’ bennies are called “Sleuth Points” and the GM’s bennies are called “Monster Points”. They work pretty much the same way as usual.

ARCANE BACKGROUNDS: Magic, Psionics, and Weird Science are allowed. Please reference the Savage Worlds Sourcebook for more information.

MONSTER KNOWLEDGE: Knowing your monsters is important. All characters get an automatic d8 in a specialized Monster Knowledge skill related to their personality or backstory. Examples: A classic horror-movie buff might take Knowledge (Movie Monsters), allowing them to bring up facts about vampires, werewolves, and zombies. A conspiracy nut might take Knowledge (Cryptids), giving them knowledge of sasquatches, UFOs, and the Pope Lick Monster. A guy really into skeletons might take Knowledge (Skeletons), giving them insight into the workings of skeletons, skeleteens, and skeletwins.

IMPROVISATIONAL FIGHTER: Because no Buffy-esque RPG is complete without characters wielding wildly inappropriate weapons to fight enemies, all characters get the edge Improvisational Fighter for free.

NO TWILIGHT JOKES: There will be a number of vampires in this game, which is set in Washington. Twilight jokes stopped being funny in 2010 and there are no guarantees to your character’s safety should you make one.

Setting Rules

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