William Henry Harrison High School

WHHHS is the only public high school in the area, and you and all your friends go there. Here are some fun facts about WHHHS.

History and Architecture

WHHHS was founded in the early 20th century by a team of parents concerned that children were losing too many limbs when they went off to fish with their fathers. At first a humble one-room building, WHHHS has since expanded to a two-story high school about as large as any other. Because of the Washington coast’s rainy nature, almost every part of the campus is indoors.

There’s a lot of mysterious passageways built through the school over the years. Most of them are locked or otherwise sealed shut, but a good sleuth should be able to figure out a way to get in if they really wanted to. Not that they’d want to.


The Henry Harrison Hellhounds (ROOF ROOF!!) are the pride and joy of WHHHS. The football team, currently led by star quarterback Steve Chuckman, has been extremely successful in the past few years, and the basketball team hasn’t done so badly either. There’s also a school-sponsored Quidditch team, though lately it’s faced some accusations that it’s been discriminating against Slytherins.


WHHHS has lots of clubs, ranging from the Hiking Club to the Theatre Club to that wretched hive of scum and villainy the Anime Club. They usually meet during lunchtime or after school. It’s pretty easy to form a club, so there have been some really weird ones over the years.


WHHHS is full of cliques, and you’re the monster-hunting Breakfast Club. Expect to get some flak for missing parties when you were out saving everyone’s asses.

William Henry Harrison High School

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