By day, Riverbrook Falls is an average, everyday small town on the Washington coast, known for its lush forests, scenic beaches, and diverse fauna. By night, whispers abound of what lurks there: Strange things, monsters and demons and things that knock over your furniture in the middle of the night and it’s a real pain to put them back.

You know about these things. You’ve seen them. There’s a bigger reason for William Henry Harrison High School having the highest dropout rate in the country than just shitty teachers. People are disappearing. Your friends. Your crushes. That dude at the liquor store who buys you beer. What was I saying? Oh yeah. Though you’re just an average teenager, you’ve decided to fight back.

Will you be able to bring light to the encroaching darkness and uncover the terrible secret of Riverbrook Falls? Or will you fall prey to the horrors of the night?

Mystery Sleuths

Ventnor SwoopingEagle BrightMan Gravedigger Mechizmo